Saturday, November 09, 2013

While Islamic Regime in Iran and Western countries meet on Nuclear Energy Talks, The Political prisoners dies in Iran silently One by One.....

Political prisoners with noble & Humane Idea's for Freedom , Democracy ,Peace , Freedom of expression ,Freedom of Information, in defense of Human rights - Labor Rights , Media Freedom or against Censorship in their countries pay heavy prices ,go to jail for a long period of time, in their absence Their family suffers , like Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu kyi ans......All for their country , better society and better world. The totalitarian regimes keeps them in jail and let them die in silent and buries them in silence ......
The least we can do is :
We must not let this happen and we must break the silence and get more and more involve to bring their voices and stand in their defense.
News coming from Iran is worrisome, hundreds of political prisoners lives is in great danger and most of these political prisoners are suffers in some kinds of illness because of imprisonment , these prisoners are prominent personalities in their fields of activities with high profile.
According to news four political prisoners in Evin prison( Abdolfatah Soltani, Said Madani,Mehdi Khodaei and Amir Khosro Dalirsani )  in protest against the conditions and treatment of these suffering prisoners went on hunger strike since November 3,2013 . They are in their 6th day of hunger strike.
In regard to the dying political prisoners , Ms. Shirin Ebadi the Iranian Noble Peace Prize winner said: in recent years more than 20 Iranian political prisoners have died suspiciously in prison including Hoda Sabe, Afshi Osanlou, Mohsen Dogmehchi, Alborz Ghasemi, Zahra Kazemi, Zahra Baniyaqoub and several in Kahrizak prison including Rohol Amini ......
   This must end here. Judiciary power and prison officials are to be held responsible for each of these suspicious death and must brought to justice .

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