Saturday, November 16, 2013

A court in the city of Ilam sentenced 6 Iranian Kurdish to 36 months in jail term !

According to News a court of the Islamic regime in the city of Ilam by presiding judge Shokri sentenced 6 Iranian Kurdish journalist to 36 Months in jail.
In just few Minutes Judge Shokri in the city of Ilam sentenced these journalist to 6 Months in jail term:
Mr. Ehsan Nikpay
Mr. Mohsen Cheraghi
Mr. Shahou Ahmadi
And Mr. Rahmatolah Cheraghi , Mr. Ali Yousefi and Mr. Sajad Gheisari each received 6 months suspended sentence.
And Ms. Nasrin Bavandpour an Iranian Kurdish poet was acquitted.
All these journalists were working for the local Monthly Kurdish language Magazine known as " Veriya " . They were all arrested by agents of the Ministry of information and were released earlier on heavy bail,but now three of them must spend time in jail.

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