Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mohammad Javad Larijani Head of Human Rights at Judiciary Power of the Islamic regime : Iran is the Cradle of Democracy in the Region !

ISNA news Agency -

Mohammad Javad Larijani : Iran is the Only Democracy in the Region !?????

Mohammad Javad Larijani in a meeting with Swedish consulate delegate criticized the policy of the Secular Liberal Democracy of the West on Human Right and called Islamic regime in Iran as a cradle of democracy in the region. He said: Iran has differences on the fundamental of current human rights charter. He said : We are after and supporting the UPR type of reporting in the UN human rights council but the western countries are following on the mechanism of reporting on each countries.
report says , Larijani explained about human rights and judiciary system of the Islamic regime to the delegate and answered to their question on execution in Iran.
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A few pictures showing the "democracy" Islamic regime style in Iran .....
1- After the presidential coup in 2009 - Thousands of Iranian from all walks of lives were arrested and in a kangaroo court sentenced to jail..
2- Narges Mohammadi one of prominent Iranian human rights advocate arrested by security agents....
3- Internet Filtering
4- Three Green movement leader under house Arrest for 1000 days now ( Three years)without any charges.
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Shame is a good things ....but not for this regime .
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