Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Islamic regime prisons and prisoners need to be visited by Ahmed Shaheed UN rep . on Human Rights in Iran .....The situation of Iranian political prisoners worries all human rights defenders around the world !

Will President Rohani let Ahmed Shaheed UN rep. on Human Rights in Iran to Visit Iranian political prisoners ?
From time to time news from Islamic regime prisons in Iran worries all human rights defenders and it is a sign of systematic violation of human rights inside prisons. News received again indicate an Iranian woman from the women ward in Evin prison ( Nesvan Ward)lost conscious due to heart rapid /irregular beating.Ms. Maryam Shafipour is an Engineering student of Ghazvin University . In the past she was also arrested and were sentenced to a year suspended sentence /can be executed for five years. She was active in Mr. Karoubi's campaign ( One of presidential candidate of 2009 ) by writing on her blog. She has been in prison for the last four months. While in prison she was transferred many times to prison clinic.

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