Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Office of the Association of journalists in Iran is still closed.....

Since the presidential coup in 2009 ,the Association of Journalist was ordered by judge Said Mortazavi to be closed and hundreds of journalists either arrested and sent to jail or escaped Iran into exile.
On Jan. 6,2014 speaking with ISNA , Mr Mashaollah Shamsolvaezin the current president of the Association of journalist in Iran in response to Mr. Ejei (the prosecutor General of the Islamic regime) who have said ,the past members of the association acted political rather than journalists rights said:
" Mr. Ejei himself knows , based on the constitution of the association,the members are not allowed to have political activities and the membership of those journalists who have left the country are cancelled ."......

Mr. Shamsolvaezin asked the official to lift the ban on the closure of the association's office  and to allow the association to resume its activities.

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