Thursday, January 16, 2014

Report by Medyar Saminejad:
Five years ago Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic regime in Iran travelled to Iranian Kurdistan and 10 Iranian kurd were arrested shortly after and one or two months after their arrest a hig ranking Kurdish clergy "Mamosta Shikholeslam" member of the Assembly of Expert was assassinated and regime charged these 10 peoples for involvement in his killing , six of these ten people were put to death last year ( while at the time of the assassination they were in prison)and four left awaiting the death. These four people are on hunger strike since December 2013 .
The age of these people are between 27 to 32 and the four awaiting the death are:
Jamshid Dehghani
Jahangir Dehghani
Hamed Ahmadi
Kamal Malaei
Those who were executed are:
Asghar Rahimi
Behnam Rahimi
Hoshyar Mohammadi
Keyvan Zand Karimi
Bahram Ahmadi ( under 18 years)
Mohammad Taher Bahmani
The report says: They were not involved in the assassination and they were not guilty of any crime . Some of them were put to death on charges of drug trafficking. According to report some of them did not know each other.

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