Sunday, January 19, 2014

President and Founder of the Association of Economists is Arrested !

Mr. Ali Rashidi the leading member of Iran's National Front is arrested!

Doctor Ali Rashidi president and founder of the Association of Economists in Iran is arrested. Mr. Rashidi is also a leading member of Iran's National Front and a professor.
Mr. Rashidi is sentenced by infamous judges Salavati in a kangaroo court to two years imprisonment and five years ban from all social ,political and professional activities and he is transferred to Evin  prison. Mr. Molaei the lawyer of Mr. Rashidi also received the judgement on his client.
The only crime of Mr. Rashidi : His knowledge , his critical views on corruption in the Islamic regime in Iran and because of being a patriot .
But judge Salavati accused him of : Insulting the official , propagating against the regime and Activities against national security.
Background on judges :

Within the Revolutionary Courts, three judges – Abolghasem Salavati, Mohammad Moghiseh and Pir-Abbasi – stand out for their role in presiding over joint and individual trials involving hundreds of defendants.
Although some of these trials were held in public, the three judges remain shadowy figures. It is unclear what their legal backgrounds are, or how they came to be appointed. There are no pictures of Moghiseh or Pir-Abbasi, and they do not appear at public events. Pir-Abbasi’s first name is not even known.
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