Friday, February 28, 2014

Ali Janati, Minister of Islamic Guidance : Websites such as Khodnevis, Gooya News , Akhbare Rooz, Radio Farda , Iran Emrooz , Radio Zamaneh and Kayhane of London should become free from filtering......

Ali Janati: Using the website that are outside of Iran with keeping in mind the judiciary opinion .
Ali Janati: Everywhere in the world people with opinion say whatever they wanted to say about their government and the system and nothing happens, we are the only one afraid of the critical views of our opposition and we think if they say their opinion something might happen.
Ali Janati is the minister of guidance in the cabinet of president Rohani and recently he have said: All social networking should become free from filtering ,today in an un-precedent press conference he told: Since thousands of Iranian visit Khodnevis website, what is the meaning of  keeping this website under filtering. They should publish their materials and we should answer them back.
Ali Janati In response to a reporter who have said: Can it be possible?
Ali Janati: Why not , and we can respond them well - Ali Janati: is it not that , in the past all website were free ?
Janati also freed other websites from filtering , they are:
Gooya News, Akhbare Rooz, Iran Emrooz, Radio Farda , Kayhan of London , radio Zamaneh and Khalij Fars.

One Minister orders removing filtering from some website and another officials threatens them to filtering , this situation can't be tolerated , because a lot of people and journalists will be subject of close watch by Ministry of information and will be subject to criminal activities. Sometimes a paper even with official business permit starts printing and later with an article angry mobs calls for its closure and regime orders for its closure.
Iranian People are tired with this kind of games.....

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