Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cultural Deputy of Sepah Pasdaran's Comment on Mahmoud Dolatabadi's Book : This Novel is the Most Counter Revolutionary Novel After the Revolution !!???

The Deputy on Socio-Cultural of Sepah Pasdaran Warned on the Permission given for the publication of Mahmoud Dolatabadi's new Novel known as " Zavale Colonel" ( The Downfall of Colonel).
Hamid Reza Moghadamfar the deputy on Socio-Cultural of Sepah Pasdaran in speaking with Tehran Press commented on the Novel of  Mahmoud Dolatabadi the renowned Iranian writer titled " Zavale Colonel" ( The Downfall of Colonel ), He said: This Novel is the Most Counter Revolutionary Novel Since the Revolution.!!???

He added :" I do not know completely what is going to happen but some of these events are making the Iranian revolutionary society to worry."
Mr. Moghadamfar believes Mr. Dolatabadi has deep relationship with outside Iran and why he should be called as the best Iranian writer.
Last Sunday Aseman Newspaper reported that, after five years ban on publication Dolatabadi's novel Zavale Colonel will be published in March this year. According to Aseman the first publication will be up to 50,000 copies.
This novel is about an officer in the late Shah's army. The novel review's the life of the officer and his family during the period of the 1978-79 revolution. The story of the novel is all about one night but it looks at a century of Iranian peoples struggle to achieve a developed and modern society. This novel has already won the famous swiss international award in 2013. Colonel has five children who belong to different political organizations with different destinies. This novel has been translated to English and received best translation book in America.
Mr. Moghadamfar the socio-cultural deputy of Sepah said: I hope this news is not true and if it is true, that means a great deviation in policy has occurred .


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