Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mohammad Nourizad Iranian writer and film critic: Agents of the Ministry of Information beat me up and.....

Mohammad Nourizad was a follower of Seyed Ali  Khamenei for many years ,but after  2009 presidential coup, he became critical to the policies of Khamenei and as a result, he was arrested and detained for many times.
On Monday agents of the Ministry of Information beat Mr. Nourizad in front of the Ministry's building and he was transferred to Evin prison for a short period of time
In his Facebook ,Mohammad Nourizad wrote:

"My Face touched on the Highway ground , An agent known as " Sar Be Zir" put his knees at the back of my head, the gravel cut /bruised above my eyebrow and blood was gushing out , my nose had similar fate , although my struggle was useless but i tried to prevent the gravel from entering in my skin. " Sar Be Zir's " knee was making it difficult for me, my eye glasses remained under my face and it could break any time and cut my face, the driver shouted , did you want this ,Psycho ? While my mouth was touching the ground ,i replied :I'll be here tomorrow ......."

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