Saturday, March 12, 2005

Me & you are the chain of hundred beads .... If I'm died you resist!

Solidarity message of Evin political prisoners to 15th of March gathering. From every cold breez, we became warmer
From every death , we gained life
Even if a struggle was defeated
The ground got full of other people for struggle
Me and you are the chain of hundred beads
The night guards of this country
If i am died, you resist
Guard this live fire

Friends, Please accept our warm greeting, from behind this walls. We are aware of your enthusiastic strife. And although long distance are separating us, but we feel that we are among you. Your struggle and efforts in this sensitive days for a fresh and serious changes that Iran and Middle East are facing , gives us energy and hope,and we are happy that if we are far from reaching to international freedom, democracy and social justice organizations, our cry and our oppressed people's rightful claim , will reach through you to the people's of the world. during the past years in the UN Commission on Human Rights there were colussion among some of the member governments , and usual political "give and take" was the cause of keeping deplorable human rights situation in Iran secret . We believe that the need for reflecting the real situation of Iran in the field of human rights is the the appointment of special envoy for Iran by this commission and to dispatch him to Iran for investigation and truth findings. And our request from you is; to insist on this necessity . In solidarity with you and to emphasize to this demand , On 15th of march simultaneousely with you, we too will gather in the prison's yard .

with all the best- Political prisoners of Evin prison- March 2005


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