Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Prisoners of Conscience in Iran:

1- Mansour Osanloo
Mansour Osanloo, arrested on July 10, 2007, is a leading trade-union activist who has been imprisoned several times during the past three years.

2-Abbas Khorsandi
Abbas Khorsandi, a political activist held in Evin Prison, is sentenced to eight years in prison solely for his political beliefs and internet writings.

3-Majid Tavakoli
Majid Tavakoli, arrested on May 9, 2007, is a student at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University and a member of the central council of the university’s Islamic Association.

4-Emad Baghi
Emad Baghi (45), a prominent human rights defender, is serving a one- year sentence for articles he wrote a decade before, and for which he already spent three years in prison on the same charges.

5-Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand
Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, arrested in June 2007 and held in solitary confinement, is the founder of the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan.

6-Farzad Kamangar
Farzad Kamangar (32), a Kurdish teacher and social worker in the city of Kamyaran, is sentenced to death based on "absolutely zero evidence," according to his lawyer.

7-Ronak Safazadeh
Ronak Safazadeh (21), arrested on October 9, 2007, is a women’s rights activist in Sanadaj, capital of the western province of Kurdistan. She is a member of the local women’s organization, Azarmehr Association of Kurdish Women.

8-Hadi Ghabel
Hadi Ghabel, an outspoken Iranian cleric, was imprisoned on April 7, beginning a 40 month term following prosecution and conviction by the Special Court for the Clergy, a body akin to modern inquisition court.

9-Ehsan Mansouri
Ehsan Mansouri, political secretary of the Islamic Association at Amir Kabir University, was arrested after security agents raided his parent’s house on May 29, 2007.

10-Ahmad Ghasaban
On May 3, 2007, plain-cloths security agents arrested Ahmad Ghasaban, editor of student publication, Sahar, as he was planning to file a complaint with judicial authorities.

11-Ayatollah Kazemini Boroujerdi
Ayatollah Seyd Hossein Kazemini Boroujerdi (49), arrested on October 8, 2006, is a Shia cleric who advocates separation of religion and politics. He is reportedly suffering from several serious illnesses.

12-Hana Abdi
Hana Abdi (21) is a student and women’s rights activist in Sanandaj, capital of the western province of Kurdistan. On November 4, 2007, intelligence agents arrested Hana in her grandfather’s house and transferred her to the Intelligence Ministry’s detention center.

13-Abbas Lisani
Abbas Lisani (39) is an Azerbaijani activist from the city of Ardebil. He is serving multiple prison sentences following prosecutions for his peaceful activities promoting respect for the cultural and linguistic rights of the Azerbaijani ethnic minority.

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