Thursday, May 29, 2008

convicted for an alleged crime at 17- his execution was postponed due to fake lawyers
28 May 2008
Iran Human Rights, May 28: A juvenile offender sentenced to death for a murder he allegedly committed when he was 17 years old is scheduled to be hanged on Wednesday June 11 in Tehran, reported the Iranian daily newspaper Etemaad. He is identified as Mohammad Fadaei (21) and is convicted of murdering Saeed (21) under a fight in a billiard club in 2004. At that time Mohammad was 17 years old making him a minor. Mohammad was sentenced to death and his execution was scheduled to take place on April 16. But his execution was postponed because his defence lawyers were proved to be fake! However, the supreme court didn’t accept to reconsider the case and his family are now told that Mohammad is going to be hanged on Wednesday June 11.
According to Mohammad’s father, the murder was accidental and Mohammad acted in self defence.
Several minors are scheduled to be executed in the near future. Besides Mohammad, at least three other minors: Behnam Zare, Behnood Shojaee and Saeed Jazee are few steps away from execution.
Iran has ratified the UN’s convention of children’s right which banns death penalty for the offences committed at under 18 years of age. However, more 90 juvenile offenders are on the death row in the Iranian prisons. At least 11 minor offenders were executed in Iran in 2007, and so far this year at least one minor has been hanged.
According to many human rights activists,intrnational pressure could be the only way to save these minors life.
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