Monday, May 26, 2008

Iran Watch Canada:
Mr. Mohammad Mostafaei , the lawyer of 20 teenagers who are sentenced to " Ghesas" (death).
Help stop the death sentence of 100 teenagers in Iran prisons !
Based on a news from Iran , Mr. Mostafaei has written a letter to the head of the judiciary power and requested from him to help stop the death sentence of 100 teenagers who are currently serving their sentences in Iranian prisons.
In the letter he asked from the head of the judiciary power to follow the law and stop the death sentence of childeren under 18 years of age.
He wrote:
" As you know , at present there are around 100 person detained in prisons in the country, who's age at the time of criminal act was under 18 years of age and with the issue of "Ghesas" and death sentence , they live their day and night in a worse condition and are awaiting for a death sentence which befall on them in an unfair way."
On 1993 Iran has signed the convention on childerens rights and on 1975 has joined to the International charter on civil and political rights .
He added:
"Mr. Shahrudi , i wish that you could make effort to see and meet these childeren , so that you could come to the conclusion that they are in fact the victims of the society."
"Mr.Shahrudi , you have approved the death sentence of three teenagers namely : Behnam Zare, Behnud Shojaei and Said Jazi who are my clients and who were arrested when were under 18 years of age. "

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