Saturday, October 29, 2005

As it goes , it goes the life of innocent people like lawyer Soltani and others in the Islamic Republic of Iran !

Sunday Oct.30,2005
News update on Lawyer Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani
Roozonline reporting:

Mr. Saeed Mortazavi the public prosecutor of Tehran is oppsed for the release of Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani !
Rooze online wrote : " Today is the ninety two days " . Three months and two days have past since the " provisional arrest" of lawyer Abdolfatah Soltani. From every angle we get close , we arrive to " Saeed Mortazavi " the public prosecutor of Tehran who is opposed for the release of Abdolfatah Soltani . Rooze online reporter Ms. Maryam Kashani in this regard spoke to Mrs. Soltani and Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah the lawyer of Mr. Soltani:
" Mrs. Soltani still doesn't have " any news" . the visitation was also cut off for " three-four weeks" but: " now again it began . Sunday nights he calls " meaning tonight. It shows that Mrs. Soltani not only have counted all these ninety two days but until tonight also counting the hours. What about Mr. Soltani, What he has to say ? He himself doesn't know. He is saying that; interrogation has also stoped."
What about his inspector? What he has to say? He is saying that he will be released on bail.
I ask same question from Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah. His answer is : With the meeting that i had before with inspector from division number 14 , he clearly said that the charge is not espionage........
Mrs. Soltani : " Now the inspector says that you have to speak to prosecutor. We then went to prosecutor and he says wait for another week. Wait for two more days. Wait for another ten days .It extended until now. I have met Mr. Mortazavi for three-four times.Every time he says that he is investigating.................
As it goes, it goes the life of innocent people like Lawyer Mr. Soltani and others like journalists and .......
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