Monday, June 27, 2005

With the order of Said Mortazavi; Publishing report about Ganji is banned!

Monday, June 27/2005

With the order of Said Mortazavi ( Tehran's infamous public prosecutor and one of the suspect of murdering Zahra Kazemi the Iranian -Canadian photojournalist in Evin prison ), publishing report about Ganji is banned !

In the same hour that Ahmadi Nezhad in a press conference was confronted with a question by reporters about Akbar Ganji , Masumeh Shafiei the wife of Ganji announced:
Said Mortazavi have ordered newspapers to stop writing any news about Ganji. Masumeh Shafiei who together with Shireen Ebadi and Yousof Molaei the lawyers of her husband ( who is in Evin prison in solitary confinement and on his 17th days hunger strike) attended in a press interview and announced that : She is worried about the health of Akbar Ganji .
Shireen Ebadi the Noble Peace Prize Winner in this press interview have said: " I am calling everyone's attention to the situation of Akbar Ganji".

The wife of Ganji has said : " He is now in the cell # 240 on the 4th floor of Evin prison in solitary confinement and on hunger strike , In his last meeting with me he was pail and due to lack of energy could not speak" she added: " Ganji's life is in danger and i am worried for another tragedy like Zahra Kazemi " .

In another news Naser Zarafshan's situation is almost same as Ganji .

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