Thursday, June 23, 2005

A plan to murder Ganji in "Evin" prison ! Ganji's wife : Please help us,tomorrow will be late.

Iran-emrooz :
Wed. June 22 / 2005

Wife of "Akbar Ganji" , imprisoned investigative journalist reports:

A plan to murder Ganji in "Evin" prison !

Masumeh Shafiei ( Ganji's Wife ) : Ganji explained to me that ; Mortazavi's ( Tehran public prosecutor - an accused of killing Zahra Kazemi) plan is to kill me by an imprisoned drug dealer and then they will say that; there was a fight between this two and one was killed ..

In a meeting that I togethr with Mr. Molaei ( Ganjis lawyer) had with Mr. Mortazavi , while I was worried about the safety of Ganji , Mr. Mortazavi said: In a daily bases many prisoners are dying in different prisons of the country , Ganji too; may become one of them.

Me and my children and Ganji's old mother are very much worried that a tragedy might strike at any time . Please help us,tomorrow will be late.

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