Sunday, June 19, 2005

Zarafshan on his 12 th day of hunger strike and is in an unknown hospital , Ganji is also on hunger strike and is in solitary confinement!


Dr. Zarafshan have been transfered to an unknown hospital !

Call for a public gathering for the freedom of Zarafshan !

The life of Zarafshan is in great danger , While supporting the committee protesting for the release of Zarafshan, We call all Iranian who value humanity and supporters of human rights and freedom lovers to come together on Tuesday June 21 / 2005 in front of United Nations office from 5:00pm - 7:pm .

According to news It's now 12 days that Zarafshan is in hunger strike. His life is in great danger.

Akbar Ganji too since his return to Evin prison , he is continuing his hunger strike and is kept in solitary confinement.


FREE ZARAFSHAN & GANJI NOW ! Both of them are defenders of human rights, free expression , media freedom and are lawyer and journalist

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