Sunday, February 06, 2011

1953 coup & behind the scene politics-tactics,using mobs,clergies &military personnels to overthrow national democratic Govn't of Mossadeq !

An experience not to forget and a lesson to remember:
Pictures show how the coup organizers behind the scene were able to organize pro-regime of Shah scenario to overthrow the national democratic Government of Doctor Mohammad Mossadeq in Iran who said NO to British petrolium and despite of all the tricks and treats went on to nationalize the Iranian oil industry.When doctor Mossadeq's Government controlled the country and shah fled Iran,and after all other option failed then coup become the only last option for the Shah and his foreign supporters like British government and US/CIA.They organized mobs like Tayeb brothers,Shaban Jafari (bimokh-no brain) ,high ranking religious Ayatollah like Kashani and high ranking military officers in Mossadegh government like Ardeshir Zahedi.....armed with knives ,Machette's , sticks,guns and power were able to make enough noise to topple the only democratic government of Middle East in 1953. The picture shows Shaban Jafari in front of the mobs in protest against Doctor Mossadeq and in another picture with Shah and Ayatollah Kashani after the coup .

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