Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dictatorship of Sed Ali Khamenei in Iran is no less than Mubarak ! public & private hanging of prisoners continue as fear of uprising is imminent

In recent weeks it was reported that; More than 300 prisoners among them political prisoners too were hanged in different part of Iran!

Dictatorship of Sed Ali Khamenei in Iran is no less oppressive than Mubarak regime in Egypt as some Islamic regime officials like Ali Larijani the parliamentary speaker or Mahmoud ahmadinejad and Khamenei in Iran are trying to portray.
According to Mehr News Agency ; Ali Larijani the speaker of the parliament attacked America for what he called "US wants to bring Camel democracy in Egypt by attacking protesters ."

Look who says what? It was just a year ago, the whole world saw in their television screen what the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad dictatorial Islamic regime did to green movement peaceful protesters like Neda Agha Soltan the young girl who was shot in the heart and perished with her eyes open on people's TV screen.

Regime has announced this Friday prayer Imam will be Khamenei himself!?Like Mubarak. He can say whatever he want but people of Iran want him and his regime out.Regime is trying to bring lots of plain cloths militia and regime thugs to this Friday prayer to show it has supporter, like what Mubarak did in Egypt.

The Islamic regime in Iran more than Mubarak Regime brought plain cloths militia's and thugs with machetes and guns on foot or on motorcycles to confront with peaceful protesters and as a result more than one hundereds young Iranian were killed .The world even saw a militia man on top of a building with AK 47 shooting at people down in the street. Adding to this is another similar example to Egypt which millions of people around the world saw on December 26 ,2009 an Iranian police car ran over peaceful protesters. same things happened in Egypt and was reported yesterday February 2/2011 around the world.
The video showing an Islamic Republic police car ran over the protesters is available in IRAN WATCH CANADA past posting or in Youtube.
Warning ,the video is graphic but it is still in youtube:
In Iran:

In Egypt:

I'ts all been documented and you can't deceive people with big lies.

Lying comes with fear and there is fear among regime officials because, the Iranian people's uprising against Islamic dictatorial regime in Iran is imminent.
Young Iranian have released statement that they will hold rallies in the coming February 11 again .No one knows what will happen but from now again regime officials became panicky about their future and brought their military arsenal and plain cloth thugs in the streets . The regime officials basically live with daily nightmare. So, because of this situation they try to distance themselves from Mubarak in Egypt or Ben Ali of Tunisia and dictators in other countries. One would ask them ,what about Bashar Al Asad of Syria who succeed his father after his fathers death and people were ignord,whether they like the change in power or not? The reason i brought Syria is because the young Syrian are also planning to protest against Bashar Al Asads dictatorial regime from tomorrow Friday Feb, 4 to Tuesday next week.
But my most concern is to focus in Saudi Arabia,the biggest Rights polluter and change must come from saudi Arabia and if Saudi Arabia changed for good, then the whole Middle East will possibly embrace changes. Saudi Arabian people should take the advantage of time and take any possible initiative to bring change in their country and their life style. Particularly, the Saudi Women must make more effort to bring their daily human rights issues at the table of the UN and world's people as well as goverment officials . Believe me, human rights violation of women in Saudi Arabia and the corruption on national wealth by regime officials could become the hot topic of this decades.


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