Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dictators are calling 911 and their message: "Help, people are coming to get me" !

Is that really the case ? No , that is the comedic-tragic scenario of the situation of dictators in the Middle East from Islamic Republic dictatorship of Ayatollah Sed Ali khamenei to the dictatorship of Ben Ali of Tunisia , Bashar Al Asad of Syria or Mubarak of Egypt.
The funny side of the story is, Ben Ali of Tunisia had fell and he calls " I'm fallen and i can't get up "!? but the problem is that no one is coming to his rescue.

Now , you dictators or whatever you call yourself , Listen up and leave befor it is too late as JFK put it:
"When you make peaceful revolution impossible, the bloodshed revolution is inevitable"

You can't full people anymore. You understimate and insult the intelligent of your people . Time has changed and youth are hard to be deceived at this age of information.

got that?


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