Sunday, January 30, 2011

The killing machine of the Islamic Republic judiciary system headed by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani has reached to a state of madness!

In recent months according to news published in online websites, the Islamic Republic judiciary system headed by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani has ordered the execution of prisoners in almost daily which has reached to its critical point. People say, what is going on in Islamic Republic prison system ,have they gone mad.

What is dangerously alarming is that, regime does execute political prisoners together with regular criminal ( drug dealers and ...) prisoners.
Among the recent execution is Ms. Zahra Bahrami an Iranian - Dutch who have been arrested among protesters during the Iranian people uprising against Islamic Republic regime after election rigging .

Ms. Bahrami was executed early morning of Jan. 29 /2011 in Evin prison. She was charged with "narcotic substances" and after spending some time in prison Judge Salavati the judge of division number 15 of the court of revolution sentenced her to death and confiscation of her property and assets.

Her lawyer Ms. jinous Sharifzadeh wasn't informed about the execution , as a result she was surprised of the execution. She told to reporter that, I'm surprised before receiving the sentencing my client was executed.

Ms. Bahrami was 45 years old and she was graduated in Art and Music and she has two childeren.
Abolish the death sentences !
Read more:
Daughter of Iranian-Dutch Prisoner on Death Row Pleads For Help
Source: International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

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