Friday, January 28, 2011

Western policy makers must stop speaking shaky double standard and face the reality in the Arab world and support the Arab people !

The foreign secretary of US Ms. Clinton was very very cautious speaking on Egypt situation. She was telling on her message:" We support Universal Human Rights and the egypt Authorities must let peaceful protest" .

What is this? What we have seen in the news TV channels the Government of Hosni Mubarak is using all kinds of weapon to stop the people expressing their will. People of Egypt don't want the regime of Hosni Mubarak. How can they say it.

Mr. Barak Obama the president of US dont want to call Hosni Mubarak as a dictator !?
Then what can people of the world call him or call a person who stayed in power for nearly 30 years!?
Mr. Obama is speaking double standard too. Instead of withdrawing his support for Hosni Mubarak using careful words which would at the end translated or understood as peacifism when it comes to Egypt and Egyptian people.
People of Egypt must see what kind of policy is going on behind the scene and in close door.


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