Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oppressed Iranian workers protest against their working condition in Iran !

Will the Oil workers in Iran in solidarity with their brothers at "Iran Khodro " boycott their work and stage protest on the working condition of workers?
According to news , workers at "Iran Khodro" ( Auto workers ) factory staged days of protest against their working condition and losing four of their colleagues due to accident inside the factory. The story was that, a worker who was sick and on his day off was forced to work , after several services inside the factory he ran over several workers who were waiting to punch their time card and as a result killing four and wounding 13 others. The accident happened on last Tuesday night in this week.

This brought anger among workers and staged their protest against the management of the factory and called for their resignation.

workers are still mourning for the lost of their colleagues and protest being continued.

The Islamic Republic dictatorship is of course in panic for escalation of this protest among other factories and workers and become a major protest in solidarity of oil workers with their brothers in "Iran Khodro".
Regime didn't return the bodies of these workers to their families yet and this is also causing more tention between workers and dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic .


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