Friday, January 28, 2011

What some of west media calling it mess,egyptian,Tunisian,Jordanian & Yemanese calling it Joy and " Era of democracy" in the Middle East & N.Africa

Focus your lenses into the Middle East now , a region where its people were kept in an undemocratic society , suffring from their basic human rights. Dictators are in shock all over the world including Middle East, the Sheikhs , Kings and Velayate Faghieh ( Caliph) are all wondering and not beleiving their eyes what they are facing. Lesson to be learned, if not until now. Definitely they are thinking when will be their turn, No worry it will come soon , the sooner the better , because who wants to live a life in fear and nightmare evrynight and day after knowing what is going on in the world today.
some of these dictators are preparing their suitcase, plundering the national reserve if they can at last moments , taking everything they can to bring with them , but where? Where to go ?Everywhere they go , they will be watched and seen and identified at this age of digital world and information and will be brought to justice.


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