Friday, January 28, 2011

Ahmad Khatami(friday prayer imam)of the Islamic Republic dictatorship in Iran:"We are worried about the vacume of Islamic leadership in Arab states"!

Look who is talking what?
Ahmad Khatami is one of the ultra conservative who have always supported Ahmadinejad and his coup d' etat in last presidential election and called for the arrest , detention and killing of reformists Iranian moslems and the leaders of green movement during the whole last year of Iranian people uprising. Now he is talking about the "vacume of Islamic Leader" in Arab states.
He said: "He is worried about the vacume of Islamic leadership in Arab States" ! ? I think he is worried more about his own future and the future of his own regime of the Islamic Republic in Iran. He is worried and has nightmare day and night.

The People in Arab states must think twice when following or gathering and chanting under moslem organization banners which have ties with Islamic Republic in Iran. They must know that , Iranian people including moslem intellectuals are also trying to oust this regime and sooner or later it will happen.
Arab people must stay alert and follow democratic organization or people and at the end not to end up with a regime like Islamic Republic or Hizbullah in their countries.



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