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Iranian & Egyptian people face dictatorship & want freedom. Iranian face Khamenei's Islamic state dictatorship & Egyptian, Mubarak's dictatorship !

The semi chronology of behind the door activities during Iranian uprising in 1978-79 revolution\

After several reshuffle of Government officials ,replacing and appointing new prime minister , when all tricks didn’t work

The military government of General Azhari was appointed September 8,1978 by Shah and Martial law was declared which made the situation worse

In October Saddam Hossein Expeled Khomeini from Iraq , Khomeini was in Exile for 13 years, Then Khomeini , his son Ahmad Khomeini , Ebrahim Yazdi and several other left Iraq for Kuwait but they were told not welcome later Yazdi told Khomeini it is better they will go to France/

Shah in a National TV told people: “ He had heard their voices“

Richard Cottam of American CIA meeting with Khomeini in Paris / then his travel to Iran and talk with organizers of revolution there / Richard Cottam was a politician and a CIA member in 1953 coup in Iran

The question he was asking from Khomeini was / What kind of government you want to have? / what kind of policy you want to have towards religious minorities?/ based on all investigation he then prepared a report on all front for US government and policy makers in order to deal with the revolution in 1978-79/

Khomeini entered in Neauphle Le Chateau in December 1977-78

Early in December 1978 the demonstration of millions of people for religious ceremony of Tasoua – Ashoura

the victory of “blood over sword “Said the communique by Khomeini

Guadalupe Conference
The head of four countries France, British , US and Germany gathered in Gouadaloup island in Caribbean /

Gencher from German social democratic Party asked a close advisor to Khomeini to write a detail Ideas of Khomeini about future Iran/ They were worried if Khomeini could protect Iran from Russia and Communist Tudeh Party of Iran.

Befor the conference people close to Khomeini prepared a report about the situation of Iran for Gencher / the conference was going to take place on Jan. 1 /1979
It was in this conference they agreed to convince Shah to leave Iran.
Because the important for them was to save Iran from Russia first / security of the region was important / therefore Shah wasn’t important and their priority was the security of region and their interest.
And if the religious movement headed by Khomeini had that power to stand against Russia and communists/

But Brzezinski the Carter advisor and few other like syrus Robert vance were not agreeing to this policy / they believe on “Iron Fist “ policy , to suppress the revolution/

After conference Carter sent a message to Khomeini
As revolution continued, then protecting the life of the leader became an issue .

Then two US officials came to visit Khomeini in Paris , they said they have message from Giscard D’Estaing the French president but it was in fact from president Carter/ they secretly met Khomeini / the message said:
In this conference we have carefully studied the situation and because of your organizational weakness, we want you to cooperate with the appointed Government of Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar by Shah / And the message said :your friends can participate in Bakhtiar;s government to make a “National Government”., and we want you to help this government to pass this situation otherwise you are going to make a “big gamble “ and there is going to be “Bloodshed” and if you reject this suggestion it may be difficult for us to control the army and they may engage coup and the result of that can not be predicted.

The message said: Our friends believe if you go to Iran (if Khomeini goes to Iran) people might become calm and you (Khomeini) wont have to worry for that and the Shah is also going to leave the country. / The message says : I ask you to chose a representative to be in touch with us so that we can continue our dialogue through representative and have meeting with you/ and together we can control the situation or look over the situation / I (Carter ) want the content of this discussion be kept secret./

An Iranian army general Gharehbaghi was controlling the army and situation before and after Bakhtiar

Revolutionary council was in touch with monarchy council to transfer the power /

Shah left Iran on Jan 16 1979 for what he called “ Vacation”

Seyed Jalal Tehrani representative of Monarchy council had secretly meeting with Khomeini in Paris/

Gradually the transition was executed and Khomeini returned in Iran on Feb. 1/1979

10 days later on Feb. 11 Prime Minister Bakhtiar’s Government collapsed and he went into hiding

US General Haizer who was ordered to go to Iran from Europe to supervise the Iranian army and save the shah / and to prepare a formulate and doctrine / he made a team of officers to prepare report and based on that to make a doctrine about the situation/ He called all generals of the shah to focus and fight back against the revolution/

Heizer’s plan:
1- to break /defeat the strike
2- to strengthen the army relation with Bakhtiar Government
3- to prepare cautious activity if in case non military Government failed

In fact at the time when shah was in Iran he was nothing and General Heizer was everything /
When shah was leaving told to his generals to follow Heizers order.

Because of no money to pay the army personnel Heizer ordered to print money and pay money to army personnel /

Carter asked Heizer to stay in Iran for Army coup

This general kept all the generals of the shah to the last minutes and then when he couldn’t do anything he left and the general were all arrested and executed/General Gharebaghi was working under his command. He told Iranian generals to support Bakhtiar/ Shah needs a country and you must stay and defend the country until shah return/

Anarchy in Army / people through flower to army personnel/

Then he left Iran and met with carter and carter made Nato to interfare in a coup against Iran/
But all efforts failed

On November 4,1979 The US embassy was occupied and US diplomats were taken hostage till Jan. 20 / 1981

On November 1979 Mehdi Bazargan the prime minister of the provisional Government resigned

Shah died in Exile on 27 July 1980

A bomb exploded in ruling Islamic Republic parties headquarter and many top party member were killed including Ayatollah Beheshti

A bomb exploded in the office of president In August 3/1981 and the president Rejaei and Prime Minister Bahonar were killed /

In October 1981 Khamenei became the president after president Banisadr
Escaped to Paris.

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