Monday, February 07, 2011

On February 14 Green Movement will have a day of rally in solidarity with Tunisian ,Egyptian and other Arab protesters for freedom -

Mr. karoubi and Mr. Musavi the two current known leader of the green movement sent a letter to Mr. Mohammad najar the minister of interior and stated ;based on article 27 of the constitution we are requesting for permission to hold a rally on February 14 in solidarity with the Tunisian,Egyptian and other Arab state people in their struggle for freedom.The rally will
start at 3:00pm from "Imam Hossein" Square to "Azadi" (Freedom )Square .

The young Iranian are preparing themselves for this day. The young Iranian announced they will start their activities from the night of Feb.13 by chanting "Alah o Akbar on roof top of buildings .There are a lot of activities going on in online news media.


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