Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Islamic Regime in Iran has again started arresting the organizers before the rally begin in February 14!

Regime and its officials like Khamenei -Ahmadinejad can say so manythings about other countries people's freedom but when it comes to its own country they become hypocrite. khamenei in last friday prayer and other regime officials have spoke so many things about people uprising in Egypt ,.Tunisia and other countries and their support for those people but when last week Iranian people announced they are going to have rally on Feb.14 in support of egyptian-tunisian people ,regime has already started arresting organizers and activists. Today i have red that , regime agents have arrested Taghi Rahmani a" Meli-Mazhabi " and a religious schoular. Mr. Rahmani was an advisor to Mr. Karoubi one of green movement leader. Mr. Rahmani has spent 2/3 rd of his life in regime jail.
Mr. Ejeei prosecutor general of the regime in response to green movement leaders Musavi and Karoubi who requested for a permission to hold a rally on Feb.14 said:
"Their request to hold a rally on Feb.14 in support of Egyptian -Tunesian people is divisive, instead they must participate in regime rally which is organized on Feb.11 on the anniversary of revolution".
Mr. Hossein Hamedani commander of "Mohammad Rasoulolah " headquarter told reporters that ;"Any actions by opposition will be strongly dealt with".
Ayatollah Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary power: "If we arrest the leaders of Fetneh ( Sedition ) or leaders of green movement ,they will become saint ."
In the meantime, support and participation list for Feb.14 rally is getting longer and bigger , based on the news online on Feb. 14 there is going to be rally almost all over Iran.

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