Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Security forces Of The Islamic Regime In Iran Continue To Arrest The Iranian People Without Any Regard To International Law And Human Rights Norms ....

According to HRANA news Agency the security forces of the regime in Iran has arrested the former political prisoner Bijan Kalangari together with two of his nephews .

Bijan Kalahari is a former political prisoner of the 1980's and have spent years in prison . He is currently retired and is arrested in the city of Arak together with his two nephews namely: Mojtaba Foladi 40 years old ( graduate of business administration in accounting ) and Meghdad Foladi  35 years old ( Graduate of Business Administration in Management ) .

The security agents of the Ministry of Information have arrested this three individual at their homes in Arak city and their house was searched and some of their belonging like computer and mobile phone.....were confiscated.

Since their arrest the family members and lawyer tried to contact them but with no avail.

The prosecutor have rejected the family request for the lawyer to see the case file or the family be able to visit them at prison.


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