Monday, July 17, 2017

A Day Of The Year For The Imprisoned Moms , Demanded Iranian Human Rights Organizations In A Statement .....

A Statement released by Iranian human rights organizations demanded Monday July 17  be named as " Imprisoned Mother's Day ".

On July 17 two years ago Narges Mohammadi's Children left Iran for Paris to a safety  and currently live with their father there. Narges Mohammadi the mother of the two beautiful children is sitting in prison , she was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for just defending the human rights. Narges is the vice president of the Iran Human Rights Defenders .

Narges Mohammadi have started writing about mothers who are in prison and longing for their children. She named her writings as " Motherly " writing from the heart since the beginning of her sentence two years ago. And the signatories to this statement selected Monday July 17 as the " Imprisoned Mother's Day " .

Currently many mothers, political and none political are in prison far from their children including Nazanin Zaghary the Iranian -British Citizen who is married to a British National with one kid.

The organizations which suggested the day be named as Imprisoned Mother's Day  are :

Centre For Human Rights Defenders

International Campaign to " Release Narges Mohammadi" Free Largess#

International Campaign For Human Rights

Centre For Human Rights Supporters

The NGO For Children Of Prisoners

Campaign For Imprisoned Mothers


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