Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nader Fotorehchi Journalist And One Of The Signatories Saying No To " Shahrzad " TV Series , Is Summoned To The Court ......

According to what Journalist Nader Fotorehchi wrote on his tweeter account , the complainant against him is Mr. Mohammad Emami one of the financier of the Shahrzad TV series and his company " Pasargad Tasvir Gostar Co. " and he is one of the accused in the "embezzlement of the reserved teachers funds " of 8000 Billion Tuman ( One dollar is close  to 4000 Tuman ) .

Nader Fotorehchi was summoned yesterday to the division number 31 of the court of revolution. He is allegedly accused of " Computer crime " crimes that are related to the use of computer .

Mr. Fotorehchi was also summoned last week to the " FETA  Police" on the charges about " Shahrzad TV series ".

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