Friday, July 07, 2017

Regime Invited 45 Foreign Countries Ambassadors To Evin Prison with Red Carpet....

According to MIZAN news which is part of the judiciary power , the ambassadors of 45 foreign countries were invited to Evin prison on Wednesday and they visited sections of ward number 4, Tailoring workshop , medical clinic and Traditional sports arena known as Zoorkhaneh . Pictures that are distributed by the news agency indicates that, the judiciary and Evin prison authorities welcomed the ambassadors with red carpet.

This news agency wrote that, each room has six beds with red bedsheets  and uniform carpets and the prisoners are feeling comfortable.

The reports indicate that, the location is in the north of Tehran with " very good weather " , in a wide area with " live music " by a  " musician from Uganda  "  applauded by the audience together with the " bell of Traditional sports gymnasium"  and the  " best food" .

The report goes farther and says , the occupants of this area " speak English " with foreign guests and can have time with their wives for hours under rooms equipped with"  bed ,refrigerator, bath and washrooms " .

This is the pictures the regime media reported about Evin prison during the visit by 45 foreign countries ambassadors . Pictures which was completed by interviews with foreign ambassadors .

Some Ambassadors view about Evin prison:

Indonesian Ambassador speaking with regime Television Seda Va Sima :
" At the time of visitation i was joking and i said ;the condition here is so good that some prisoners may prefer to stay in prison ".

Portuguesa Ambassador:  
" I did not expect the condition here be this much good and i was impressed by the visitation ".

Korean Ambassador :
" while laughing in response to a question about the food of prisoners , he said ; I did not taste the food of course , but i saw the prison condition is hygienic "

Iran Watch canada :

This way of reporting about one of the most horrendous/ fearful prison in the world is just a joke to all those political prisoners who have spent time in the Evin prison.

It is very clear the past and present political prisoners think this is a joke and have many horrible things to say about their experience in prison under this regime.

This is a scenario engineered , organized and orchestrated by Javad larijani the head of the regime human rights commission in collaboration with his brother Mohammad sadegh larijani the head of the regime judiciary power.

this is a joke because even those ambassadors knew what is going on in Evin prison.
by this show, regime in fact is trying to buy some reputation in the world for itself .

If truly regime wants to show what is happening in its prisons and on political / regular prisoners , it must invite the UN human rights reporter to visit Iran and see the Evin prison in particular.

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