Friday, June 16, 2017

In The Past Two days Nine Bahai Citizen in Iran Are Arrested ......

Zaitoon website-

In the past days the judiciary agents have arrested nine Bahai citizens.
These nine Bahai citizens earlier were sentenced to imprisonment and were imprisoned .

Those arrested at their home by agents are:

Mojdeh Zahouri
Farahnaz Tabyanian
Maryam Dehghani Yazdeli
Houshmand Dehghani Yazdeli

Others who have sentenced to imprisonment were also asked via phone to attend at the prison.
These people are:
Sheida Ghodosi
Ponies Sanaei
Nazi Tahghighi

Today also two Bahai citizens attended at prison and they are :
Mitra Nouri and Parisa Shahid who are sentenced to 15 and 21 months imprisonment.

Earlier 22 Bahai citizens from Golestan were sentenced in the court to a total of 193 years imprisonment.

Mona Amri Hesari
Behram hasani
Pariahs Shojaei
Hana Aghighian ( from the city of Gorgan)
Shohreh Samimi ( Minoudasht)
Bita Hedayati
Hana Kooshkbaghi ( Gonbad Kavoos)

Rofiya Pakzadan
Sodabeh Mehdinejad
Shiva Rohani
Nazi Tahghighi ( Gorgan)

Kamelia Bidelian
David Moalem ( Minodasht )
Tina mohebati
All were sentenced to different number of years in prison .

Only Shaham Jazbani ( Minodasht ) and Sheida Ghodosi ( Gorgan ) were sentenced to 11 years imprisonment.


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