Friday, June 16, 2017

The Commemoration For Hoda Saber , Ezatollah Sahabi And Haleh Sahabi In Evin Prison....

According to the website of the Association of Human Rights Defenders the commemoration of Ezatollah Sahabi , Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber was held in the women ward of Evin Prison.

Narges Mohammadi together with other women political prisoners in women ward of the Evin prison commemorated the memories and activities of these three well known political and socio-cultural personalities .

Narges Mohammadi spoke about these three Melli-Mazhabi personalities . The late Ezatollah Sahabi was the leader of the Melli Mazhabi group and " Iran Farda"  Magazine . Haleh Sahabi was the daughter of Mr. Ezatollah Sahabi and Haleh Sahabi was murdered on the funeral day of her father by the regime agents.  All these three political personalities were on the fore-front of the reformist discourse in Iran.

After Regime not permitting the Melli Mazhabi party to hold the commemoration , imprisoned women together with Narges Mohammadi hold the event inside the Evin prison.


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