Tuesday, June 13, 2017

20 Flogged and Fined for Eating During Ramadan in Qazvin

Qazvin: 20 Flogged for Eating During Ramadan
Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Qazvin:
In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Hojjat ol-Islam Ismail
Sadeghi Niaraki stated: “The blessed days of the auspicious month
of Ramedan are now underway, and I hope that we’ll all be able
to benefit from this opportunity. May we have the chance to come
to understand another Ramadan and profit from the ample things
it brings.”
“As of now 90 cases have been put together for individuals who
have broken the Ramadan fast. Of this number, 20 were delivered
the day of arrest with the issuing of indictments to the special
court branch set up for this purpose. Their charges were
specially investigated that same day, and the offenders were
sentenced to flogging and fines. The sentences were
furthermore carried out,” added the judicial official.
Niaraki continued: “As in years past, the Qazvin court
carried out a measure without parallel during Ramadan
of this year, a measure welcomed by pious people and
citizens alike: striking back against those who publicly
ignore the Ramadan fast.”
“Per the codes and judgments of Islam, fasting is
obligatory for all persons. Individuals who are for
some reason unable to undertake a fast must preserve
the honor of the auspicious month of Ramadan. Preserving
this honor is an obligation for all, and thus all should refrain
from eating in public,” The Public and Revolutionary
Prosecutor of Qazvin continued.
Niaraki reiterated that “Unfortunately some individuals
engage in fast-breaking heedless of this matter.
Necessary actions have been taken against such
cases since the beginning days of this auspicious month.
Those who eat in public will be arrested. Should the
intentionality of the act be proven, cases will be drawn
up against them, the charges investigated, and such
people punished.”


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