Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Request From President Rohani By The Captain Of National Football Team : Prepare A Condition So That The Women Can Attend The Stadium ....

Zamaneh Reported -

On Wednesday ( today) The National soccer team members together with coaches met with president Rohani after entering into the World Cup 2018 Russia ....

In this meeting the captain of the team Masoud Shjaei requested from the president to prepare a situation so that the Iranian women can enter into the stadium and watch the matches .

Mr. Shojaei said that ,  women make half of the country's population .

The video of this meeting and Mr. Shojai's request is also available in Zamane website.

He also said that, i have been playing for years in Soccer and perhaps i wish that my sister and mom will be able to come to the stadium and to see from close range when i am playing  .


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