Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lets Not To Forget Narges Mohammadi ............

Narges beside Evin prison ...
Narges Mohammadi Is The vice president of the " Centre For Human Rights Defenders in Iran " . She is sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for alleged charges created by regime judiciary " threat to national security" ????!!!. Which is nothing but defending human rights of all Iranian and thats the only crime she is charged with by the regime .

She said once : " You can't imprison our ideals " .

" I am not being sentenced to long imprisoned by accident or by a bad event , but alongside with the informed people of my country i have strived to achieve democracy and equality, and lets be assured that the day i am free , i will again continue for my ideals . These are our ideals : Peace , Security , freedom and equality for all ."


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