Friday, July 07, 2017

Security Forces Of The Regime Prevented The Gathering Of " Iran National Front " Council Meeting ......

According to news by HRANA, after the previous prevention of  "Iran national Front " Central Council gathering by regime's  ministry of intelligence , this time the central national council  decided to gather on Monday in the house of Zia Mesbah , but it was again cancelled because the host of the meeting was summoned on Sunday to the ministry of intelligence and was warned not to hold the meeting .

Zia Mesbah was summoned by the security agents of the Ministry of intelligence on Sunday and was arrested and interrogated on Sunday for few hours and was warned not to hold the meeting or else the disciplinary forces would be called to prevent the national council members from entering the house.

The meeting of the national central council supposed to take place on last Monday with five main National Front personality and 10-15 members of the council .

On May this year the Iran National Front meeting was also cancelled. At that time the meeting was supposed to take place at Mr. Asghar Fanipour's house , but it was cancelled when Mr. Fanipour was also summoned to the ministry of intelligence and warned not to hold the meeting .

Iran Watch Canada:Members of  "Iran National Front " are the followers of the late Prime Minister of Iran Doctor Mohammad Mossadegh whose Government was toppled by Coup -d'etat by CIA and MI6 on 1953.


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