Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Workers Of " Neyshekar Haft Tapeh " Continue Their Protest......20 workers arrested ....

According to news , workers of " Neyshekar Haft Tapeh " from the Union Of Free Workers together with several members of their families for the second days continue their protest against the employers who do not pay attention to their demands in the past.

This morning the workers of Neyshekar Haft Tapeh together with their families protested in front of the factory and when they noticed the employer do not pay attention to their demands , they have decided to continued a long walk of 10 kilometre to the " Ahwaz -Andimeshk  International Highway " and closed the road for several hours . 
After several hours of protest by closing the highway and creation of heavy traffic , workers decided to open the road and stage the protest in front of the factory again. Because of this, Nasiri Afshar the head of the factory attended at the protest and promised to deal with the workers demands but workers chanted " Afshar , Shame on you - Leave the Neyshekar and go ".When Afshar saw the workers are ver angry ,he left the scene and the police forces throw tear gas towards workers and as a result the glasses of several cars were broken.

The workers then stopped their protest and left the scene but said they will continue their protest until  
 their demands are fulfilled. 
Its been 15 months now since the Government gave the factory to a private company and president Rohani does nothing to solve the workers problem.

The workers demands are:
The payment of their three months unpaid salaries
The removal of the security forces from the factory compound
The return of the workers who were fired as a group
The attention to the salaries and benefit of the retired workers 


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