Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mehdi karoubi One Of The Leader Of The Green Movement Went On Dry Hunger Strike ......

According to Saham News , Mrs. Fatemeh Karoubi wife of Mr. Mehdi Karoubi one of the leader of the green movement said that her husband started his hunger strike after the early morning pray today. Mr. Karoubi is on dry hunger strike not even drinking water , he only took his heart medication  , said his wife .

Mr. Karoubi started the hunger strike in opposition to the house arrest and his rights.
Mr. Karoubi demanded that the security forces ( several of them present 24/7 ) to get out of his house and his private life and the removal of all video equipments for recording and hearing his private conversation. According to Mr. Karoubi , the security agents are living with him at his house which was not seen even before the revolution.

Mr. Karoubi demanded that an open court be scheduled so that he and his lawyer can hear the regime evidence and respond to the allegations after six and a half years of house arrests.

Mr. karoubi suffers from heart condition and have been in the hospital in the past . Mr. Karoubi also written several letter to the parliament and officials about his situation but did not receive any explanation .


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