Monday, August 07, 2017

Maryam Akbari Manfared's Letter From Prison......Your cry for justice won't be left without answers .

HARANA News Agency :

Maryam Akbari Monfared a human rights activist and a political prisoner whose four siblings were killed by the regime in prison during the mass killing of political prisoners in1980's  is currently serving the 15 years imprisonment sentences. In her open letter she wrote about the murdered political prisoners and the mothers of those political prisoners, their resistance and call for justice. In her letter she said: Your cry for justice  won't be left without answers .

1- Mother Mosni ( Ferrous Mahboub :
Her three children namely Morteza, Ali and Mostafa together with her daughter in-law  Nahid Rahmani and her brother Naser Rahmani were all killed ( the bodies of Nahid and Naser were thrown into the Lake Qom because of the coming of  Red Cross International for investigation ). Mother Mosni heard about the killing of her children inside the prison.

2- Mother Efat Shabestari who became paralyzed inside prison due to rheumatism . Her children Rafat and Soghra khaldadi were executed inside the prison . Her other son Ghasem was arrested on early year of revolution and was executed eight years later.

3- Mother Jahanara :
In Iran the people know her with three martyrs and their is no name listed about her fourth martyr'd   son Hassan Jahan Ara . Hassan was member of the Mojahedin Khalq . She was told by regime not to speak about her son Hassan.

4- Mother Vedoud :
Vetoed was killed before the mass killing of the political prisoners. She looked for her son's body and recognized him by his feet in a morgue. When she returned to the prison she said to her cellmates : I recognized him by his feet and it was cold and i kept him close to my heart until it became warm.



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