Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Iranian in Toronto protest against parliamentary election circus in Iran!

NO to Predetermined Selection!YES to Fair and Free Election!On the verge of the upcoming parliamentary elections in our beloved country Iran, the human rights situation is deteriorating day by day. Most of the political prisoners are in appalling conditions and the shadow of death and execution is hovering above their heads.The Islamic regime is pursuing its extraterritorial adventures by violating and ignoring international laws as well as harbouring and exporting terrorism to all corners of the world. The Islamic regime has not only placed world peace in jeopardy, its incompetence and mismanagement have also brought our fellow Iranians under tremendous economic, social and political pressures.In these hard times when the vigilant people inside Iran are unanimously determined to boycott this fabricated and predetermined selection, we, the Iranians abroad, should not remain silent. We should aim to be the voice of our beloved people and join them in denouncing this rigged “selection” and demand a fair and free election! Moreover, we must not forget the decision of our iron-willed political prisoners who have vowed against this corrupt selection process and adamantly boycotted it. We must strive hard for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. Therefore, in solidarity with the people inside Iran, who will stay at their homes and boycott this rigged “selection”, we condemn this engineered selection process and demand the immediate release of all political prisoners.

We, a group of Iranians living in Toronto, will gather on March 1, 2012 ( 11/ 12/ 1390) in Mel Lastman Square from 6- 7:30 pm to condemn this rigged “selection” and to show our full support for the freedom seeking people of Iran and all the political prisoners.


1. United Republicans of Iran - Toronto2. United Student Front in Toronto3. Union for the Advancement of Secular Democracy in Iran - Toronto4. The International Center For Human Rights In Iran - ICHR5. Centre for Dialogue, Thought and Human Rights in Iran6. Foreign Office of "The Student Committee for Defense of Political Prisoners"7. Seven Publications in Toronto8. Committee for Solidarity with the People of Iran

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