Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Islamic Republic of Iran ordered for the closure of a newspaper because it published a poem ......

Thursday Sep. 8,2005
( reports.
News in brief :
The managing director of " Nedaye Azar Abadegan " newspaper have gone to prison !
Based on the news that we have recieved , Managing director of " Nedaye Azar Abadegan "
newspaper, by the order of the judge from division # 12 of the criminal court of Eastern Azarbayjan province, have been arrested.
Mr. Naser Abasi Momtaz the managing director have been arrested on the bases that his newspaper published a Turkish poem about the governor. Mr. Abolfazl Vesali the president of the newspaper said that at the time of printing the poem Mr. Naser Abasi Momtaz had resigned from his post , so there should not be any charge against him , beside the poem was from Mr. Karimi who is a poet from the city of Maragheh and there was no insult to the governor.

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