Friday, August 26, 2005

Help free Lawyer Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani . He is a member of the Association of defenders of human rights in Iran !

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Friday Aug. 26,2005
iran-emrooz online reporting from ILNA :
The wife of Abdolfatah Soltani ( imprisoned lawyer) has sent a letter to commission on article 90 of the parliament and asked them to defend the rights of its citizen's .
In this letter she demanded that her husbands situation be expedited and solved . Masumeh Dehghan in speaking with ILNA's reporter said : Two weeks ago I attended to the office of the head of judiciary power Mr. Shahrudi but the officials in the office said that he did not give any order yet.
And now i have written this letter to the parliament . She said : From Sat. July 30 / 2005 up to now no one from the lawyers association was able to meet Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani and the officials in the Evin prison said that his name is not in the computer list of the prison . This is because some of the offcials in judiciary told us that he is being kept in the cell # 209 of the Evin prison.
...... in continuation she emphasized on the items during the search in their home the agents took away particularly the personal belonging of Mr. Soltani's son. They have taken with them items like ; Films , family pictures album, birth certificate , family passports and ........At the end of her letter she urged the members of the commission # 90 of the parliament to defend the rights of its citizens .

Translated by ; IRAN WATCH CANADA

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