Friday, August 19, 2005

Ganji's blood has been infected! Ganji on his 70 days of hunger strike .

Friday Aug. 19, 2005
- News Update-
Picture shows Ganji's suporter in front of Milad Hospital

* The latest news on Ganji: Ganji's blood has been infected !

Ganji is on his 70 days of hunger strike . He has been in ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) in Milad Hospital for 15 days. On Wed. Aug. 10 he started to receive serum for 2 days and after that he has refused to take it. From 3 days ago again his health situation become critical . Many test on him shows that his bone marrow has been severly damaged and his body protein has droped. As a result of this, his hands and legs are swollen and the Doctors injected him with blood. For blood infection , Ganji is taking antibiotic. His white blood cell is now less than 2000 and this shows that his bone marrow is not functioning. His stomach bleeding has stoped . The blood clot situation on his left arm is also under control. Because of blood infection , Mr. Ganji has accepted to take serum again. Mr. Ganji at this time is conscious .
Mr. Ganji's life sign :
Breathing: 20 /min
Body tempreture: 36/5
Blood pressure:60/90
Pulse: 65/min
The result of some test:
WBC:2000Hb:8.5 plt:100000
Dr. Hesam Firuzi
Thursday Aug. 18/2005

Translated by: IRAN WATCH CANADA

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