Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sat. Aug. 13, 2005

_ News Update _

Iran-emrooz online:

ILNA: Ganji's Wife: Two weeks without news from Ganji!

"It is around two weeks that I have no news from my husband". She is worried of having no news from her husband.

In other news: At present Ganji is being kept in ICU ward of the Milad Hospital under special medical care.


News Update

Iran-emrooz online: Sat. Aug.13, 2005

A doctor's report about Ganji's situation: Formation of blood clot in Ganji's left hand!
Ganji on his 65 days of hunger strike and up to now he has lost 30 kg of weight and because of low white blood cell (Normal 8000, Ganji’s white blood cell is 2000) he was transferred to ICU. From Wednesday Aug. 10 /2005 Ganji received serum ………….


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