Monday, August 08, 2005

Agents stormed and searched Ganji's home!

Monday Aug.8,2005
Interview with Ganji's wife right after the agents from public prosecutor office stormed to his home.
She spoke with the reporter from "Emrooz" site :
Masumeh Shafiei: At around 10 am today( Monday ) , the agents came to our house and asked to let them in for search, When i asked them to show me the search warrant they threatened that if the door is not opened they will enter forcefully and will break the door . These people are the same people that are positioned themselves around Milad Hospital where ganji as patient lay in rest while on hunger strike, the team leader named " Movahed " together with others as soon as entering in the house used obscene words and started to search the house, together with them were two women who attacked me and during this attack the veil ( chador ) fell from my head and during this insidents these people were filming the situation and with the handcuff they closed me with the bed, and continued the search and filming of the house for 2 hours .
Ganji's wife added : During this inhumane attack the attackers took with them all documents,notes,books and computer case. They even searched the dresser of my daughters.
At this time i do not know exactely what they have taken away with them from the house.
After the attack ganji's and neighbours home phone has been cut off .

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