Thursday, August 04, 2005

Public relation of MIlad Hospital: Ganji is not cooperating with medical team !

Thursday Aug.4,2005

iran-emrooz :

"Masumeh Shafiei" Ganji's wife : Since the hospital is in an unusual situation , I decided not to visit my husband.

"ILNA " Ganji's wife Said : I didn't visit my husband for more than 42 hours.
Since the agents from public prosecutors office are all the time present in ganji's room , I decided not to visit my husband, I do not have any information of Ganji's situation and i prefare not to visit Ganji in an unusual situation of the hospital , because this situation will interiger mental stress on Ganji, and the officials at Milad Hospital in a contact with " ILNA " repoter told that : since Thursday Ganji's situation did not change and they did not give any news about his physical situation. The public communication manager of Milad hospital told : Ganji is not cooperating with medical team. " Sirous Tabesh " on Wednesday night told to " ILNA " that : Ganji's non-cooperation with medical team has been intensified and continuation of this would be dangerous .
Picture shows Iranian in Stockholm- Sweden ( Aug. 3, 2005 ) in solidarity with Ganji who is on his 55 days of hunger strike.

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