Friday, July 29, 2005

Mortazavi the public prosecutor: He won't be alive until morning ! Ganji is going to die !

Friday, July 29,2005

GooyaNews: Latest about Ganji - Ganji on his 50th day of hunger strike !

Radio Azadegan in an interview with "Masumeh Shafiei "Ganji's wife:

Ganji's wife: On Thursday night before seeing Ganji i spoke with Mortazavi (Tehran public prosecutor) :

Mortazavi: We have to solve this situation now
Ganji's wife: Mr. Mortazavi , you created this situation
Mortazavi: No, This situation is the situation of Shireen Ebadi
Ganji's wife : What are you talking about !
Mortazavi: Mrs. Ganji, The situation is very chaotic ! I'm here now for several hours , I was also to the bed of Ganji too, I have spoken to Ganji's doctors too, , He won't be alive until morning ! The hospital can't do anything and we have to transfer ganji from here .
Ganji's wife : I have to see Ganji , I Can't trust your words now.
Mortazavi:The problem must be solved
Ganji's wife : The problem will be solved if you leave this file alone then it will be solved so quick.

Then She goes to visit Ganji and Mortazavi follows her , Ganji's doctor was also present. Ganji's wife explains that the situation is very horrendous and says that : wish that i diden't bring the children with me , the children upon seeing their father started crying, and the wife of Ganji believe that Akbar Ganji won't be alive and will die a few hours later !

The doctors let her to see Ganji for about 5 minuites , while they were on their way out Ganji trys to pull himself towards them and say goodbye while doing so he fells near the door, they take Ganji and put him on bed. With the persistance of Ganji's wife they inject him serum.
Ganji's wife after saying this crys and says that for dying he is still very young and that she is ready to die instead of Ganji.

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

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